Top 5 hidden gems of Darjeeling

Located in the state of West Bengal in India, Darjeeling is one of the best hill stations to spend the summer vacation. Popularly known as the “Queen of Hills”, Darjeeling, serves as a treat to the visitors offering snow-laden mountains, gushing waterfalls, greenery landscapes, cascading river streams and rich flora & fauna. The world-famous Kanchenjunga peak can be witnessed from this hill town.

Every year a humongous number of tourists visit Darjeeling to escape from the bustling city life and also the inexplicable heat in the plains. The hill station features some popular sightseeing places that capture every person’s attention. However, apart from these signature tourist points of interest, Darjeeling has much more to offer. This beautiful hill station features many hidden gems that remain untouched by most tourists.

So, if you are also an adventure enthusiast and a nature lover, then pack your bags right away and take a trip to explore the hidden gems in this most sought-after hill station of North Bengal. Here’s a quick reminder! Darjeeling has a wide range of accommodations. Hence, if you are searching for any budget-friendly Darjeeling hotels, online hotel booking websites can be of really great help. You can rely on Intermiles to get the best hotel deals and surf the top hotels in Darjeeling.

Senchal Lake

As a nature lover, this place can be a delightful treat to you. Encompassed by the sprawling Senchal Sanctuary, this lake is unheard of. To visit this place, you need to seek permission from the ranger’s office. Located at an altitude of 8,160 feet atop a hill, Senchal lake is an ideal picnic spot. One of the highest golf courses in the world is placed in the vicinity of the lake. You can also book accommodation at the tourist lodge near Senchal lake to explore the scenic views surrounding the lake. Keep the shutter of your camera open as you could click pictures of the fascinating wildlife and tall trees covering the region.


Another offbeat destination classified as the perfect weekend getaway in Darjeeling is Lepchajagat. This outcast is an ideal place for all the adventure mongers and patrons of nature. The dense forest cover takes you to a different state of mind, making it an amazing romantic escape. Inhabited originally by the Lepcha tribe is this mystical village, Lepchajagat or as it is called the land of the Lepcha tribe. Away from the bustling civilisation, Lepchajagat will offer you tall trees, foggy roads and a surface with barely any sunlight. At Lepchajagat, you can also witness the unending coniferous wilderness, gushing rivers and mighty Himalayan views. The greenery and sounds of rippling rivers are surely going to soothe your soul and body.


At an altitude of 7887 feet, resides an underrated village in the jungles of the Himalayas. This village is called Chatakpur. An extraordinary creation of nature, Chatakpur offers tourists breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga peak and the tea gardens. In the outskirts of the Himalayas, this eco-village is one of the sought-after weekend destinations near Darjeeling to get rid of the insane crowds of the city. This natural wonder acts as a romantic getaway, as well as a perfect trekking trail. Housing many hill-birds like hornbill and western tragopan, Chatakpur will also offer you the famous Tiger Hill Trek that is one of the major attractions of this place.


Lying south of the outer foothills in the Himalayas are the alluvial floodplains, Dooars. Rich in biodiversity and situated in the north of the Brahmaputra river basin, Dooars is one of the hidden gems away from the crowded Darjeeling. Since Darjeeling has grown as a popular hill station, it remains very crowded during the summer, as well as winter seasons. However, if you are looking for solace and want to spend some quality time with your loved one, head to Dooars as it is also an ideal romantic getaway. The main tourist attraction of this place is the Jaldapara Forest that will captivate you with its wilderness and various kinds of animals and birds residing there.


A tiny little hamlet situated on the foothills of the Himalayas will win your heart with its wonderful people, food, culture, orchards, tea gardens and much more. Tinchuley, with the assistance of the World Wide Federation, is gaining fame as a tourist spot in Darjeeling. A hidden gem in the vicinity of Darjeeling, Tinchuley is a rejuvenation centre that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the boring city culture to a place of tranquillity and peace. Thus, if you are finding an escape from the monotonous regular routine, visit Tinchuley and experience a unique lifestyle.

Despite the fact that Darjeeling is visited by a lot of tourists, there are a lot of hidden places that remain unexplored. Therefore, if you plan a trip to Darjeeling, book accommodation at the best Darjeeling hotels and visit the aforementioned underrated places.