Spring Break 2019 Destinations

The winter blues have already struck making a tropical getaway sound like a slice of heaven. Give yourself something to look forward to during these cold snowy months by planning your annual spring break vacation. Whether it is a college student, couple, individual, or family there are many amazing trip destinations to select between. Beaches as far as the eye can see, delicious food, fruity cocktails, and adventures galore await you. Check out this year’s top spring break destinations to find your perfect fit.

St. Barts

Plan your vacation in st barts for a luxurious, relaxing experience. Their white sandy beaches and aqua blue seas are as inviting as they are breath-taking. Hotels, villas, and resorts line the beaches making access to the water only a few steps away. There are plentiful activities available across the island varying from nature excursions to the ultimate spa experience. Hospitality and excellent service can always be expected on a trip to St. Barts.


The welcoming locals make guests feel at home on their gorgeous island. There are ample opportunities to explore the scenic island’s natural beauty. Beach-lovers can spend the day soaking up the sun, drinking tropical beverages, and swimming in the ocean. Tantalizing dining options only adds to an unforgettable vacation. Finally, local musicians entertain at local eateries, beaches, and bars giving visitors a taste of the Jamaican island culture.

Turks and Caicos

Step away from the crowds to venture to these lovely islands. Each island has something special to offer guests. Turks and Caicos have plenty of water activities available including chartered fishing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling just to name a few. Landlubbers can ride horses, hike through the nature parks, and shop at many fine retailers.


There’s no need to leave the country to find amazing spring break destinations. Miami is the ideal destination for popular beaches and unlimited nightlife. There are bars, clubs, and special events to keep you busy until the early hours of the morning. Miami is also known for their vibrant cuisine options ranging from the finest dining to delectable fare from local food trucks.

American Virgin Islands

St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas Island are all grouped together in the American Virgin Islands. Visiting these islands is equivalent to three amazing destinations in just one trip. Each island has a unique history and attractions for guests. History buffs can enjoy the many museums and historic sites across the islands. Scuba divers can see and touch sunken ships while colorful tropical fish swim by. Those are just a tiny sampling of all that the Virgin Islands has to offer.

The winter gloom doesn’t last forever but having hope that the heat of summer will return can help get through those long months. Begin planning your 2019 spring break vacation to a tropical destination where the temperatures are always lovely. Each of these destinations will provide an unforgettable trip and a few tan lines.