Stay Close to Home with Campervan holidays

You might think that owning a campervan is all about long-distance adventures and strange new places. But it doesn’t have to be. The flexibility and practicality of a camper makes it easy to explore places closer to home too. You have minimum hassle in terms of packing and no need to worry about booking accommodation.

Anywhere You Want

Even if you live in or near to a big city, you don’t have to travel far to find an interesting destination. Although they’ve been in decline since 2007, sales of new motor homes have picked up over the last two years, indicating the popularity of this type of holiday. And of course, many people opt for a classic van rather than a new one.

In fact, with a classic campervan the journey is part of the fun, as you can stay off the motorways, stick to A and B roads and enjoy the whole process of getting to your destination. You don’t have to go all that far.

So leave the far from home travelling in England including a huge pull of London for your average tourist.  Enjoy attractions such as the New Forest that are within easy reach and you can just pack a few items of clothing like a selection of Maxi Dresses from company’s like ax paris or similar and enjoy the weather . You could pop along to a famous horse race, or to a Cathedral, where scenes are often filmed from movies.

Choosing a Van

There’s a fair bit of choice when it comes to older campers, with British vehicles like the Bedford and Commer being produced in big numbers over the years. However, it’s the VW that almost defines the breed.

Whether it’s in classic split-screen or later bay-window style, the rear-engined VW is a popular choice. There are plenty of specialists offering VW Campers in Manchester and elsewhere, so whether you want to buy a fully restored van or have your existing vehicle maintained, you’ll be able to find someone to help.

If you’re unsure whether this lifestyle is for you, it’s possible to hire a van for a weekend or longer to give the idea of camper holidays a try. Be warned, though, as once you’ve got the bug you’ll want to buy your own.