How to reach Kerala from Delhi by train

Almost all the major cities in Kerala are connected through the vast rail network with New Delhi. Getting to Kerala by train can be convenient as well as an affordable option. Transportation in the state is well developed and as such travelers can come to the state from different parts of the country. Getting to Kerala by train is a delightful journey as it takes you through the picturesque scenery and offers a glimpse of northern and southern India.

Delhi and Kozhikode are well connected through trains. Kozhikode is an important city in the state of Kerala in India. Also known as Calicut, this city is a part of the Kozhikode district. The administrative headquarters of the district are located here.  Besides being a popular tourist destination, Kozhikode is also a major commercial hub in the state. You can opt for trains like Trivandrum Rajdhani, H Nizamuddin Kcvl Superfast Special, Mngla Lksdp Express, H Nizamuddin Tvc Superfast Express and so on. It takes around two and a half days to travel between these cities.

If you are going to Trivandrum, which is the capital city of Kerala, you can take trains like Swarna Jayanti Express, Trivandrum Rajdhani express, Kerala Express, Kerla S Kranti express, and so on. Most of these trains also pass through other major cities like Ernakulam, Kochi and so on. You can check train running status online.

A small and idyllic city in the state of Kerala, Malappuram is a part of the Malappuram district. It is a popular spot for holidaying and attracts hundreds of tourists all over the year. The scenic beauty and rich tradition have made the place so popular. You can board the Mngla Lksdp Express to travel from Delhi to Malappuram.

Kottayam is one of the well-known cities in the state of Kerala. It is a part of the Kottayam district and the administrative headquarters of the district is located here. The city is well planned and attracts lots of tourists for its idyllic atmosphere and rich tradition and culture. In addition, the city is also an important trading and commercial center. From Delhi, take trains like Millennium SF Express, Kerala Express, and Trivandrum Rajdhani express and so on.

Undertaking Kerala tours will give you immense satisfaction and pleasure and also a learning experience. You will be able to get a feel of the scenic beauty and rich cultural and traditional diversity of the southern part of the country.