Why you should Choose a Limo for your Next Airport Transfer

If you’re the type of person who likes to experiment and try out new things, this article is for you. What’s best, what we are about to suggest mixes the best things out of experiencing new things, but now with the layer of protection you’re searching for.

We’re talking about, of course, the elephant in the room. The global pandemic made us more aware of our choices, especially when it comes to travelling. As routes are slowly being re-established, more and more tourists and locals alike are choosing private transfers for the trip from the airport to the hotel or any other destination.

So why would you choose this way of transportation? What benefits are there for someone who chooses this?

  1. The vehicles. It’s true, most of us think about the car first and then about the other aspects. Rest assured, you will most likely be greeted with a fleet of modern cars, designed to make every ride a pleasant one.
  2. The drivers. No more impulsive taxi drivers, with faulty driving skills or an inappropriate behavior. The experienced chauffeurs in will assure a pleasant transfer, where your safety and comfort are always in mind.
  3. The experience. This is a tricky one, as not many of the companies out there have so many years of experience. However, if you follow our lead and choose a company like Twelve Transfers, you’re going to be in good hands thanks to their +6 years of international experience.
  4. Customer service. This is important as well, as you want someone who will be there by your side whenever you need them to. Twelve Transfers, for example, has a dedicated team that is live 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a booking from A to Z or you just want to ask a few questions, their team is always available for a quick chat.
  5. Last, but not least, the prices. There’s a common misconception that private limo transfers are quite expensive. Well, yes and no – again, depends where you look. Twelve Transfers, for example, operates with prices up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors. Sounds great, huh?

There’s a clear picture coming together, and that is of Twelve Transfers being your choice for this type of transportation. The UK based company, now entering the US market, has proved time and time again that it has the right stuff for this business.

Whether we’re talking about their fancy vehicles, their premium drivers or their amazing customer service department, Twelve Transfers is always there for the job. All it takes is one ride with them to see for yourself! It may not be your first thought when you’re planning your trip, but we can guarantee it’s one you’re not going to regret.

So why not take that leap and try them for your next trip? You’ll see that Transfer Services are now more accessible and more affordable than you ever thought. Be sure to book with Twelve Transfers, their prices start from only $75.00 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale!